Working with artists brings a different sort of aesthetic to what takes place and lends an authenticity to the artistic experiences being offered to children.

Teachers on different SWW residencies have flagged this up and have been inspired to borrow techniques from artists to enhance pupils learning experiences.

We have used artists who have been trained to work using the research approach 5×5×5=creativity has developed. They are used to working alongside a mentor and educator through the processes School Without Walls employs.

Artistic Processes


Lucy Cassidy is a live artist and theatre maker who has worked on several SWW residencies. She talks about bringing an authenticity to her work on SWW by utilizing processes from her own practice to help the children explore their ideas more deeply. In Lucy’s provocations she will often apply limits or offer specific instructions/choices to guide the children’s responses. For example the materials provided will be in a restricted colour palate or type, or children may be invited to choose a specific group of materials and work only with that. Lucy describes it as ‘turning down the volume on some parts so you can hear other sounds more clearly.’ In this way the children’s responses are more deeply and rigorously explored without the curse of ‘too much choice’.


The artists working on the SWW residencies also tend to place importance on creating atmosphere and mood in the workshop space by using music, lighting or inviting the children into the space in a specific way.
The materials the children are provided with are always carefully considered and where possible are of high quality. As the residency is based in a theatre, we try to provide as much opportunity as possible to use technical equipment that will lift the experience the child has. For example, the workshop space is lit in a beautiful way ahead of the children using the space to exhibit their work, or sound recording equipment is made available to allow the children to create work in different mediums.