School Without Walls is about doing school differently. It supports children and young people to be active citizens in their learning and in their community. The process offers a quality experience, in the heart of a cultural setting, where children and young people and adults undertake prolonged creative enquiry alongside each other, in real life contexts beyond the traditional confines of the classroom and curriculum.

School without Walls Manifesto

To ‘do’ school differently where:

  • Children and young people are given responsibility for their learning, in real life contexts, in direct response to their dispositions and interests.
  • An exploratory, experimental and multi-disciplinary approach to enquiry based learning throughout the residency is prioritised.
  • Children and young people learn alongside adults from the community as companions.
  • Cultural Centres and schools are supported to develop a different relationships and investment models.
  • A community of practice is developed through investment in people and learning is ‘held’ by the project group of cultural centre, school, artists and mentors.
  • Learning is made visible and is shared in public spaces, cultural centres, businesses and other work bases – the city/town/village/countryside is the ‘campus for learning’.
  • The community is challenged (schools, parents, councillors, decision makers, cultural centres) to think differently about learning and traditional models of education.